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Student Feedbacks about Russian courses

Student Feedback Program

Beate, Switzerland

IQ Consultancy is a highly professional language school. I enjoyed a 2 weeks immersion course and because of their outstanding organization, I did not have to bother about anything but studying. The approach by IQ Consultancy was very favourable for me, as it is supporting the working professional, who needs to learn Russian for business reasons.

Russian immersion course

Simo, Finland

I have had a pleasure to study Russian language at IQ Consultancy language school and I have to say that their teachers are absolutely fantastic. They don't only teach you Russian, because "it is their duty", but I feel that it is their passion to get someone taught Russian.

Summer 2014,
Intensive Russian, mini group course

Per Nilsen, Norway


Based on my proficiency test and taking account of my wishes, the school set up an individually tailored program for me with three different teachers, each teaching different aspects of Russian. Thus the program was quite varied and was well suited to my individual needs, enabling me to expand my supply of useful phrases, speech constructions and vocabulary.

The teachers and staff were very friendly and at the same time highly professional, and thus provided a pleasant atmosphere. I really enjoyed the lessons, because the teachers were well prepared and their approach was aimed at making the student take an active part in exercises and discussions.

Summer 2014,
Tailor-made Advanced Russian Course

Jean Payen, France

What can I say, except thank you. A big thank you!! I am now confident and ready to welcome my first Russian clients. I am now not scared to go and speak to people (Like at Olymp fitness center, shop, restaurant). Organization was perfect (all the organization), my two teachers (Katia and Ania) really understood what were important for me and surely slide lessons to my target.

March 2014,
Immersion Russian course

Marco Gorini

I have attended a Russian Course in August at the IQ Consultancy School of S.Petersbourg and I have really enjoyed the course.

summer 2014,
Tailor made Russian course

Lasse Garoff, Finland/Denmark

I attended several weeks of IQ Consultancy’s mini group Russian classes, and I found the course an unusually helpful and pleasant way of developing my (rudimentary) Russian skills...

summer 2013,
Mini group Russian course

Tiina Turunen, Finland

I had the pleasure of taking one-to one Russian lessons with IQ Consultancy. The lessons were well planned and structured and the teacher carefully considered my weaknesses and adjusted the lessons also appropriately.

One to one lessons of Business Russian

Nerelle, Australia

I would like to thank you for my time at your school during June/July 2013. The lessons were really worthwhile as I was able to practice Russian conversation which improved...

summer 2013,
Tailor made Russian course, advanced level. Russian for theatre and literature.

Rosella Italy

I really enjoyed the course! I found the lessons well prepared and organized and what even more important: enjoyable! It was a pleasure to be on the class as teacher was very...

intensive Russian mini group course

Fransisco Innecco

IQ Consultancy managed to offer me a specialised one-to-one course which I requested at very short notice. They still managed to accommodate to my schedule and allocate some excellent teachers for me, with whom it was a pleasure to learn Russian...

Russian tailor-made course ,
May 2013, September 2013

Maja Rotter - 17 years old, Slovenia

Мне курс русского очень понравился. Моей преподавательницей была Нина, она весёлая и энергичная. Она, кстати, очень хорошо объясняет грамматику, у меня не возникало проблем. Я сказала Нине, что хотела бы почитать что-то по-русски. Было очень приятно, что она учла мои пожелания, и на занятиях мы начали читать рассказы Антона Чехова, Сергея Довлатова и других авторов. Каждый день в качестве разминки перед уроком мне нужно было рассказать какую-то новость, которую я читала предыдущим вечером. Мне очень понравилось, что я занималась индивидуально . Это очень полезно для интенсивного обучения. Я очень много говорила, и преподавательнице было удобно уделять всё внимание только мне.

Summer 2013,
Intensive Russian immersion Course

Olga Trinci, 17 years old, Italy

Несмотря на то что, мне было очень трудно, мне понравилось. Моя преподавательница – Катя – очень весёлая, с ней было просто и приятно.

Summer 2013,
Intensive Russian immersion Course

Lidia Daszkiewicz Poland

...The service that I received at IQ Consultancy was excellent straight from the beginning; starting with the advices on the type of course that I could follow, through a very convenient schedule to the program content perfectly adjusted to my interests...

Intensive Russian Course,
Summer, 2012

Stig Olsen

I have been a student at IQ-consultancy since April 2010. For me the school and the language course were good with high focus on speaking skills and how to learn the everyday Russian language. The teachers and attitude from all the staff was good and I learned the basic Russian Language.

General Russian (intensive Russian course for beginners, Standard General Russian course), 2010-2012

the USA

...The school staff was excellent at setting up my customized program and brought in Elena as my private Russian tutor. For two weeks my Russian teacher and I went over all the topics I wanted that were specific to my business...

Intensive Russian course for business purposes,

Renate Lande

A few words about Lena and our Russian classes.
Елена: умная, трудолюбивая, терпеливая, серьезная, интересная, весело.
Урок: серьезный, интересный, информативный, весело, уютно.

Intensive Russian course throughout an academic year, 2011


I was really happy about the intensive course with my Russian teacher at IQ Consultancy language school. It was fun talking to my teacher and I felt that I made a great improvement with my Business Russian. I enjoyed the result immediately after the course by talking lot more Russian with other people in my company!

Immersion Russian course for Business, 2012


My time in your school was very interesting and effective, but same time very tough, because I was just started to learn new language. Private lessons were very good for me and my teacher was very professional and patient. We had a great time.

Survival Russian, Immersion course, summer, 2012

The Netherlands

My company is happy with my Russian skills progress and I have shared only the good about IQ Consultancy Russian courses and St. Petersburg. I will surely speak up and pass on further recommendations within our organization if any need for Russian language immersion arises.

Total immersion,
4 week intensive Russian course, summer, 2012


My studies with IQ Consultancy were extremely rewarding. We discussed a wide-range of topics that helped solidify my Russian language skills. It gave me practical situations through which I could activate my grammar knowledge. Moreover, I enjoyed the challenging and friendly atmosphere my instructor created at our lessons. I would recommend IQ Consultancy to any foreigner looking to study Russian!

Conversational Russian for foreigners,