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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Russian for expatriates

Owing to constant international economic and trade development St.-Petersburg has become a multi-national city with ever growing number of international representatives and subsidiaries as well as Russian owned enterprises which have contacts with foreign companies. More and more foreigners come to St. Petersburg for work and take their families along. Russian language competence proves especially essential for both their work and everyday life communication.

IQ Consultancy offers Russian language courses not only for students and travellers сoming from abroad and wishing to study Russian in St. Petersburg, but also for those living and working here: business executives, consulate officials, their families, and non working students.

Options for studying the Russian language with IQ Consultancy:

Russian for expatriates language programs offered by IQ Consultancy:

Our diverse Russian language programs are specially designed to cater to different needs, in terms of syllabi, duration, form, schedule, etc.

We aim to provide not only teaching excellence, but to give our students an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of Russian life and culture. IQ Consultancy arranges a cultural program for our students, namely different excursions, theatre and museum visits, entertainment events on our premises, etc.

Our courses of Russian for foreigners are given at six levels (according to the official TORFL-standard).