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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Russian language courses for foreigners at IQ Consultancy

There is a variety of options to study Russian at IQ Consultancy School of foreign languages based in the center of St. Petersburg. At IQ Consultancy, Russian Language courses can be taken in small groups (3-4 students) or in a one-to-one format depending on the program, language level, intensity, and schedule of the course you would like to choose.

Thus, IQ Consultancy tries to meet the needs of all foreigners working and living in St. Petersburg: business executives, consulate officials, their families, non working students and travelers, and etc.

Type of course:

Main features:

One-to-one tailor-made Russian classes:

  • Individual program to meet your specific language needs (Russian for specific business purposes, exam preparation, etc.)
  • Flexible schedule of classes (time, intensity, number of hours per class)
  • Classes at IQ Consultancy premises or at your place

Russian classes in mini group of 3-4 people:

  • Students of about the same level of language competence
  • A tailor made program of Russian to meet the needs of all members of the group
  • Fixed schedule (suitable for all members of the group); afternoon, evening or morning classes are possible
  • Classes are organized 2 times a week 3 academic hours per class

Russian speaking club (for intermediate- advanced speakers of Russian):

  • The main focus of the class is developing communication skills and engaging students into discussion on the topic covered (every class a new topic is offered for discussion)
  • 2 academic hours of Russian communication once a week
  • The date and the time of the class can be rather flexible to take into account student’s schedules (afternoon sessions are most common)

For detailed information about Russian language courses please contact our Russian language programs coordinators.

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