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In company training

Since its foundation (2001), IQ Consultancy has been providing top-quality Russian language training for expatriate business community: foreign top managers and specialists of many leading multinational companies.

Among our clients are such world-famous companies as ILIM PULP, SIEMENS, HYUNDAI, LG ELECTRONICS, HEINEKEN, FAZER Group, VALIO, INLOOK, TIKKURILLA, NORGE SPARE BANK, POYRY, TOTAL VOSTOK, and many others.

Corporate language training organized by IQ Consultancy takes into account all specific needs of foreign business people:

  • Flexible schedules (given hectic business life, business trips, etc)
  • Result oriented teaching approach (the main focus on communication skills)
  • Tailor made programs ( given business area, a particular company, cross cultural differences, etc)
  • Transparent and efficient organization of learning process (in compliance with European standards)
  • Different locations for lessons ( clients’ offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow , IQ Consultancy language center)

IQ Consultancy language center has got the License for educational services and the professional teaching capacity (with relevant education and experience) to offer effective courses of Russian as a foreign language.

IQ Consultancy offers a range of options to study Russian for corporate clients:

For foreigners who work in St. Petersburg or Moscow offices of multinational companies For foreigners who work for multinational companies abroad and come to Russia for a short time
  • One to one Russian lessons in the client’s office or at IQ Consultancy center ( regular lessons 1-3 times per week or intensive courses of 10-20 academic hours per week)
  • Closed groups ( 2-4 foreigners from the same company)
  • Open groups at IQ Consultancy
  • Immersion intensive courses of Russian at different levels (1-4 weeks in St. Petersburg with 20-40 study hours a week)
  • 2-4 day Russian courses during business trips ( several times per year)
  • Distance learning of Russian

What our corporate clients say:

Tailor-made one to one Business Russian course in company and mini group intensive courses at the school

3-4 day Russian course during business trips ; Russian for Marketing 4 week immersion course , Russian for beginners

Simo , Finland , top manager

I have had a pleasure to study Russian language at IQ Consultancy language school and I have to say that their teachers are absolutely fantastic. They don't only teach you Russian, because "it is their duty", but I feel that it is their passion to get someone taught Russian.

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Petr, the Netherlands , top manager

My company is happy with my Russian skills progress and I have shared only the good about IQ Consultancy Russian courses and St. Petersburg.

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Raul , Finland , top manager

I was really happy about the intensive course with my Russian teacher at IQ Consultancy language school. It was fun talking to my teacher and I felt that I made a great improvement with my Business Russian.

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You can find some more feedbacks of our students at iqconsultancy.org/feedbacks

Programs we offer for corporate clients:

  • Russian for beginners / Survival Russian ( for those who has just come to Russia);
  • General Russian course at different levels ( for those who need Russian to speak Russian in everyday life situations)
  • Business Russian course (with the main focus on the main business functional areas: telephoning, taking part in meetings, negotiating, making presentations, establishing contacts to be able to do business in Russian)
  • Specialized Business Russian for different areas of business: marketing, production, finance, R&D, and law, to name just a few areas of business we teach Russian for.
  • Any other tailor-made program on your request.

You will definitely benefit from IQ Consultancy 16 year expertise in teaching Russian.

The major consideration of IQ Consultancy team is to keep long-term relationships, serving interests and demands of our clients and thus contributing to the success and higher efficiency of their businesses.

For further information on corporate training please contact

Tel: +7 (812) 407-14-14, +7 (911) 206-85-78
E-mail: russian@iqconsultancy.ru n.pestovnikova@iqconsultancy.ru
Skype: Natalia Pestovnikova


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