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Russian language for academic purposes

IQ Consultancy's academic Russian courses are specially designed for undergraduate and post-graduate students who have completed at least 1 - 2 years of Russian language studies.

The academic Russian course takes a semester (20-24 weeks) or an academic year (32-36 weeks) of studying. Students can sign up for an academic course which starts either in September or January.

Along with classes of General Russian students have a possibility to take specialised Russian language courses such as Translation, Grammar, Stylistics, Russian history and Culture, the Language of the Russian Media, Phonetics, etc.

Classes can be taken in small open groups (3-5 students) or in a one-to-one format.

*Our tuition fees are digressive. The longer course you take the less you pay for a week of studying.

** IQ Consultancy offers different options to study Russian in terms of intensity: a standard 20 hour a week course or an intensive 30 hour a week course. So, a student has 4-6 academic hours of Russian daily (from Monday till Friday). Classes are usually from 10 a.m. to 14-15 p.m.

Tuition fees include:

  • 20-30 academic hours of the Russian Language in a group or individually;
  • assessment tests before and after the course;
  • teaching materials (a book and photocopiables);
  • tea and snacks at IQ Consultancy;
  • an extensive cultural program (see the table below);
  • assistance with obtaining the permission necessary for research work in libraries, museums, and archives;
  • help line.

Tuition fees do not include:

  • an enrollment fee of 30 Euro (non refundable);
  • accommodation
  • Visa support
  • a cultural program (in addition to the program included in the course).

Cultural program included in the academic course

  • a 3 hour city tour around St. Petersburg with a licensed guide;
  • two tours to the Museums in St. Petersburg ( the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, etc.)with a licensed guide ;
  • a theater performance or ballet visit;
  • a boat trip on the Neva River;
  • parties at IQ Consultancy.

For detailed information on academic programs please contact our Russian language programs coordinators at:

Tel: +7 (812) 407-14-14, +7 (911) 206-85-78
Skype: Natalia Pestovnikova

We also cooperate with universities and collegies and are ready to create tailor-made academic courses for closed groups.