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One-to-one Russian language classes

IQ Consultancy offers a number of options to study Russian in groups. If none of the group options offered by IQ Consultancy matches your preferences in timetable and intensity or you have some special requirements in terms of the syllabus of the course: topics or specialist vocabulary, etc. individual tuition is the right option for you.

You can take 1-to-1 russian language classes at any time you find convenient.

You can take a course specially tailored for you or choose a program out of the list of standard programs or short-term electives offered by IQ Consultancy.

We recommend individual tuitions for students who:

  • are very busy and have to go on a lot of business trips and meetings;
  • need to make a significant progress in a short period of time;
  • absorb information better when face-to-face with a teacher than in a group;
  • have a troublesome language barrier and lack of confidence when speaking.

Advantages of individual tuition:

  • a flexible schedule and intensity of classes;
  • an individual program in which all your specific needs and peculiarities of material perception are taken into account;
  • a possibility to make alterations in the program.

Before you start your course, you will be asked to complete a special "needs analysis" questionnaire. This will help us create a unique program, to meet all your needs and expectations and ensure an effective learning process with IQ Consultancy.

For further information on summer language programs offered by IQ Consultancy you can contact us at any time by e-mail, skype, phone or ICQ listed below.

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