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Russian Language Immersion Program

Total immersion is a variation of a one-to one tailor made course which takes 30-40 academic hours of studying Russian a week (both in-house and outside classes).

Russian Language Immersion Program - Total immersion proves highly effective for those who would like to imrove their Russian language competence in the shortest time possible. Progress is immediate and quantifiable. Whether you are a total beginner or already at ease in the target language, each stage of the course builds up your confidence. So you can push your knowledge further, faster and with lasting results.

As a rule, the course can last from 1 to 4 weeks.

This highly intensive course is the right option if you are:

  • a student who needs a refresher or exam preparation course;

  • a business executive or foreign specialist of any line of business who have contacts with Russia and requires Russian for effective business communication in the Russian speaking environment;

  • a traveller willing to plunge into the atmosphere of russian life and culture and acquire basic skills of Russian.

The syllabus of the course is up to student's needs and requirements. They can choose any program offered by IQ Consultancy or have it specially tailored.

The structure of the course:

Course units

Number of academic hours per week of studying

30 hour a week course

40 hour a week course

in-house classes of Russian*



classes outside the school



a cultural program**

city tour + one museum tour

city tour + one museum tour

an extensive speaking practice in the family** a student is staying at

not limited

not limited

* a combination of in-house and outside classes is open for adjustment.

**a more extensive cultural program is available upon request and charged extra.

***We highly recommend to opt for a homestay accommodation for this course. Staying with a Russian family gives you a chance to plunge into the atmosphere of Russian life and practice extensively all communication skills in the natural Russian speaking environment.

For detailed information about this program please contact our Russian language programs coordinators at