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Business Russian

Business Russian is a topic and skills-based program for business professionals and students of business. This program is designed for foreign specialists and business executives who work in a Russian business environment and feel that a lack of Russian is affecting the efficiency of their business communication.

Options to study Business Russian with IQ Consultancy:

The Business Russian comprises at least 80 academic hours of studying. The prerequisite for the Business Russian course is at least pre-intermediate level of Russian language competence. Instruction for students with the level lower than pre-intermediate is also possible but in a one-to-one format only. One to one classes of Business Russian ensure even more customized syllabus and schedule.

Program details:

The Business Russian course stresses the core language and gives an opportunity to acquire business vocabulary, develop skills and gain confidence and fluency necessary to participate successfully in the global workplace.

The Business Russian course follows a progressive and comprehensive grammar syllabus, with the emphasis on the effective use of grammar for clear communication in business life.

Based on a carefully constructed language syllabus the business course also tackles the key functional areas of business interaction, such as making contacts, telephoning, negotiating deals, participating in meetings, giving presentations in Russian and many others.

So, Business Russian can help to perform more effectively in the world of international business and avoid misunderstandings.

As a supplement to the standard General or Business Russian course a student can take one of the short-term electives targeted at developing particular business competences or tailor-made Russian Russian for specific Business purposes.

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