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Exam preparation

IQ Consultancy is an officially lisenced Russian language exam preparation and certification center.

We organise TROFL exam preparation and testing on the premises of IQ Consultancy.

We offer diverse exam preparation programs for students, teachers, and business people which help them to consolidate all language skills they have and obtain a National Certificate of Russian language profficiency (TORFL).

National Certificate of International Standard (TORFL) may be needed for:

  • entering and further studying in Russian Universities
  • working in foreign companies, which cooperate with Russian companies
  • working with Russian clients and tourists
  • working in Russia
  • teaching the Russian language

Our exam preparation programs are designed to form, develop and reinforce required language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and prepare for the TORFL exam format. To read more on the exam format please click here:

The duration and intensity of the exam preparation program depend on a student's current level of Russian language competence and the level required for getting a certificate of Russian as a foreign language.

All exam preparation programs can be taken in a one-to-one format only. A combination of General Russian and Exam preparation programs proves highly effective and value for money.

Tuition fees for one-to-one exam preparation course

Number of academic hours a week

Price per one academic hour

1-10 hours


11- 25hours


26-40 hours


A student can also be eligible for a 10 per cent discount provided they take more than 100 hours of an exam preparation program or pay a 100 hour exam course in advance.

The Test of Russian as a foreign language can be taken at 6 levels conforming to the levels of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

  • ТЭУ. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Elementary level;
  • ТБУ. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Basic level;
  • TPKИ-1. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. First level;
  • TPKИ-2. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Second level;
  • TPKИ-3. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Third level;
  • TPKИ-4. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Fourth level.

For people willing to enter Russian universities IQ Consultancy offers a term or academic year foundation program.

Examination fees for TORFL at IQ Consultancy

The test of Russian as a foreign language is charged extra. The rates vary from 120-145 depending on the level.

For detailed information about this program please contact our Russian language programs coordinators at

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