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General Russian

General Russian is the right option for those who are willing to master practical skills essential for effective communication in the Russian-speaking environment and at the same time attain a particular level of Russian language competence. This multi-level course is designed to meet the needs of a very wide audience: students, business executives, travelers, etc.

Options to study General Russian with IQ Consultancy:

The General Russian is taught at 6 levels (from beginner to advanced level of language competence) according to the official TORFL- standard. Detailed course descriptions for each level are available upon request. The standard General Russian course at one level takes 120 academic hours. A student can take additional one-to-one classes, if needed, to meet the requirements of the level.

Program details:

This program enables students to acquire a working knowledge of Russian and ability to communicate confidently and fluently in Russian.

The program covers the most essential aspects of every day life, such as meeting people, getting around the city, shopping, etc. Throughout this program a student practices intensively conversational skills needed when going out, traveling, socializing, solving different problems they can encounter in Russia. All conversational skills are acquired through role plays and communicative games.

Although the focus of the syllabus is mainly on conversation and vocabulary acquisition, throughout the course students work on their listening, reading, writing and grammar skills as well. Grammar structures and written skills are studied in the context of conversational topics.

After completion of this program you will be able to socialize, read books and newspapers in Russian, watch TV and movies.

Students also have an opportunity to learn a lot about Russian culture and style of life.

As a supplement to the General Russian course a student can take one of the short-term electives designed by IQ Consultancy to meet our students’ specific needs and develop particular business, linguistic or any other competences.

Detailed description of the General Russian syllabus is available upon request. Please contact us at

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