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Survival Russian

Survival Russian is a crash course designed to meet the needs of foreign specialists, business executives or travelers who have just arrived to St. Petersburg and are planning to stay here for some time to work or travel.

This program is for one-to-one tuition only.

The program comprises at least 40 academic hours of studying. A student at any level can study Survival Russian.

Program details:

The Survival Russian program familiarizes students with the economic, political and cultural situation in contemporary Russia, and helps them to acquire basic communication and behavioral skills essential in the Russian-speaking environment (in the office, on public transport, in shops and banks etc.).

During the course students will become aware of some cultural differences and peculiarities of the Russian national character, which will facilitate personal and professional contacts with Russians.

This survival Russian program covers essential aspects of everyday life, such as meeting people, getting around the city, shopping, etc.

By the end of the course, students will be able to use and understand basic vocabulary and a number of grammar structures. The course will enable students to communicate and be understood in a variety of situations.

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