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Short-term electives and tailor-made programs

IQ Consultancy caters to the needs and requirements of different audiences, and thus has a range of programs to offer to international students and business executives. If none of these options matches your preferences and you have some special requirements in terms of the syllabus of the course: special topics or vocabulary, a tailor made program is the right option for you.

Different modules of Russian Language for specific business purposes are designed by IQ Consultancy to help foreigners communicate and develop professional contacts with specialists in business, medicine, law, politics, ecology, mass media, service industries, or any environment where specialist terminology is used. These courses are always tailor-made and meet all individual requirements.

You can either take a course specially tailored for you or choose a program out of the list of developed by IQ Consultancy short-term electives targeted at developing particular language and communication competences.

Short-term electives and tailor-made programs are taught individually. One-to-one classes can be organised either at IQ Consultancy or on student’s premises.

These short-term electives and tailor-made programs can be taken separately or as a supplement to any long term course chosen by a student. Provided it is taken as a supplement to any standard long term program a student is eligible for a 10 per cent discount from the standard rates.

Short-term electives offered b
y IQ Consultancy:

Business competences:

  • making presentations (20 hours)
  • effective meetings and decision making (20 hours)
  • telephoning for specific purposes (20 hours)
  • negotiating (20 hours)
  • networking and socialising (20 hours)
  • problem solving and resolving conflicts (20 hours)
  • business correspondence (20 hours)
  • tailor made programs on specific areas of business (20 hours or more)

Linguistic and cultural competences:

  • Russian literature and stylistics
  • Russian grammar (intensive practice)
  • The history of St. Petersburg
  • Russian culture
  • Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Conversational Russian:

The content of this conversational elective is subject to adjustment, given specific needs of every student. Throughout this mini course a student practices intensively conversational skills needed when going out, traveling, socializing, solving different problems they can encounter in Russia.

Exam preparation course

Other tailor-made short-term programs can be created upon request.

can be created upon request.

Before you start your course, you will be asked to complete a special "needs analysis" questionnaire. This will help us create a unique program, tailored to meet all your needs and expectations and ensure an effective learning process with IQ Consultancy.

Detailed description of the content of every elective course and information about organization of learning process at IQ Consultancy is available upon request. Please contact our office at

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