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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Intensive courses

The Russian language school IQ Consultancy in the very heart of St. Petersburg offers intensive courses for foreigners. You can sign up for the courses lasting from 1 to 4 weeks throughout the year.

These courses are best for those who begin to learn the language from scratch, and those who want to improve their proficiency in a short time.

Our intensive courses are chosen by:

  • those who want to spend their holidays studying Russian language and Russian culture;
  • those who have recently moved to Russia and want to make their communication with new friends, friends and relatives fluent;
  • businessmen and top managers who maintain business contacts with Russia

Intensive courses system is very flexible. We will take into account all your requirements and choose the program that is best for you.

Classes are held by experienced teachers specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language. It does not matter whether you start learning Russian from scratch or you want to learn the language at an advanced level - our teachers will help you.

We can help you organize your trip and provide a number of supplementary services, including visa processing, accommodation and cultural program.


I followed an intensive tailor-made course at IQ Consultancy with a purpose of refreshing my Russian knowledge that I almost forget due to not practicing the language over the years. The service that I received at IQ Consultancy was excellent straight from the beginning; starting with the advices on the type of course that I could follow, through a very convenient schedule to the program content perfectly adjusted to my interests. After this course I reached the intended level and I was able to communicate the way I couldn’t before. In addition, the personnel is extremely friendly, which makes a nice contrast with the general relationships that you get with Russian people. I strongly recommend this school if your objective is to learn Russian language quickly in a pleasant atmosphere.
Lidia Daszkiewicz, Poland
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