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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Summer school

Summer is the best time to visit St.Petersburg for learning Russian and getting familiar with the Russian culture. IQ Consultancy Russian school invites foreigners both adults and children to join our summer school and study Russian with us.

You can choose the program of any intensity and duration. You can sign up for intensive Russian courses in small groups to study Russian for everyday communication or for a one-to-one tailor made intensive course.

15-40 hours
per week
1-4 weeks
Cultural program
In the heart of
St. Petersburg


  • Small groups of 2-4 people
  • One-to-one (for business and other specific aims)
  • Combined courses (mini group + one-to-one)

If you want not just to learn Russian but also to immerse into its culture, choose the course that includes family stay accommodation. This will give you unlimited language practice

Summer school is best for:

  • Specialists of different areas who would like to improve their language skills over the summer;
  • Foreign students who would like to learn Russian and get acquainted with the culture;
  • Foreign tourists and travellers;
  • Children-bilinguals visiting relatives in summer or foreign children planning to enroll in Russian schools.

Summer school includes:

1. Russian language lessons in accordance with the format and intensity chosen You will take an entrance test during application process and a final test at the end of the course. This way you will be able to see your progress. Learning support materials are included in the course price. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate.

2. Cultural program included in the summer course The program traditionally includes a walking city tour with a certified guide and a range of other excursions such as Hermitage tour, Russian museum tour and others. The cultural program can be changed according to your wish.

3. Supplementary Services We can assist you with visa processing, arrange your accommodation in a hotel or family and organize a transfer from the airport by your request.

If you would like to get the price, please, contact us and specify which form and intensity of study seems to be best for you. We will calculate the individual cost of the program for you and respond as soon as possible.


Dear IQ Consultancy team, What can I say, except thank you. A big thank you!! I am now confident and ready to welcome my first Russian clients. I am now not scared to go and speak to people (Like at Olymp fitness center, shop, restaurant). Organization was perfect (all the organization), my two teachers ( Katia and Ania) really understood what were important for me and surely slide lessons to my target. They are at the top!! So professional. I really appreciate Katia and Ania way of teaching. I would be proud to have them in my team!!
Read more I really appreciate Katia and Ania way of teaching. I would be proud to have them in my team!! Tomorrow (Friday) will be my two last lessons in your school and to be honest I am already feeling sad....because school, Katia, Ania were part of my Russian family. Но, это так! I think two weeks are enough for a student (сорок года) like me. I really worked hard (everyday....) and all the day: Morning with Tatiana (host family), all the day at school, during lunch (I used to spoke with people at restaurant), in the evening again with Tatiana, at Olymp, at the cinema (where I fight to understand how to pick up my 3D glasses) I will also bring my family for a short trip in order to show to them where I lived for two weeks, how your town is lovely and rich in history. What else? (Thanks to George Clooney) Мне нравится IQ Consultancy School!!!
Jean Payen, France
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