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Diplomatic Russian

The Russian language school IQ Consultancy has extensive experience of working with diplomatic representatives and consulates both in Russia and abroad. Therefore comes our ability to find the right approach to any client from any country with any learning goals.

Our experience

There are representatives and employees of many consulates and embassies among our students and we are developing specially tailored for them programs of diplomatic Russian language. We have taught employees from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Norway, the Embassy of France in Moscow, the Consulate General of the Netherlands, the Consulate General of Switzerland, and the Consulate General of Great Britain.

Our approaches

We have two options for teaching
Russian as a foreign language to diplomatic staff:

  • A regular standard intensity course of Russian for those who live and work in Russia constantly. Russian lessons are held 1-3 times a week at a suitable schedule and location.
  • An immersion program and intensive preparation program for working in the Russian speaking environment. It will suit you if you need to improve your Russian language proficiency in a short time, because you have recently moved to Russia or you plan to do so and take a position here in the nearest future. Additionally, this course can be oriented on those who need to prepare for the exam in the Russian language quickly and effectively.

The content of a specialized program for diplomatic purposes may vary according to your proficiency and your functional activities. We can also provide you with a course of General Russian for Everyday Communication and a specialized diplomatic course. Such a combined program will make you feel comfortable not only in the working environment, but also in everyday life.

Our course topics

If you work in the visa department your program may include such topics as "Interview", "Problems of foreign citizens with entry and exit", "Acceptance of documents", etc.

If you are involved in diplomatic activities of the highest level and negotiations, hold meetings, participate in events, we will include relevant topics in the course. These can be "Establishment of diplomatic relations", "Rules of diplomatic correspondence", "Protocol and etiquette of diplomatic receptions", etc.

Depending on your activity and your request we will discuss the topics and problems you would like to emphasize. We will take all this into account designing you a tailor-made program for your individual Russian language course.

Any program option involves not only improving communication skills in professional situations, but also improving the level of the general Russian language: building vocabulary and grammar.

You can also add any other topic of you interest to your program: politics, economics, social life, education, literature, history and others.

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