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Exam Preparation

IQ Consultancy Russian school has been preparing foreigners to pass all kinds of exams in the Russian language for many years.

There is a generally accepted European Framework of Reference for language. To confirm your language proficiency you need to take the language exam at the official testing center for Russian as a foreign language.

Depending on your objectives, there are different kinds of exams. For example, if you are applying to a Russian university, you need to pass the certification examination of TORFL-1, and if you plan to apply for a master or doctoral degree, you need a certificate of TORFL-3 or higher.

Who usually needs a preparation program for exams
in Russian as a foreign language?

  • Foreign applicants and students
  • Those foreigners who work with clients and tourists from Russia
  • Those foreigners who cooperate with Russian companies
  • Those foreigners who work or plan to do so in Russia
  • Foreign teachers of Russian as a foreign language ( not native speakers of Russian)

We will prepare you for passing the examination successfully according to your level and goals!

Objective 1 – get acquainted with the exam format and requirements

This option is best for you if your current level meets all the requirements and all you want is just to prepare for the exam format. In this case, the course will last 20-30 hours: you will hone your language skills, get acquainted with the form and types of tasks for all parts of the exam (reading, listening, writing, speaking, vocabulary, grammar), get some mock exam sessions to rehearse the exam several times with a professional Russian teacher . After completion of this course you will be able to calm down and to go to the exam knowing what to expect.

Objective 2 — improve your language proficiency

This long-term course is best for those who have a lower level of Russian than expected. In this case, you will get acquainted with the format of the exam and improve your proficiency as much as you need. You will fully and systematically work on all aspects of the Russian language tested in the exam. The amount of hours in this case depends on your current level and what you want to achieve after the completion of the course.

Objective 3 — work through some aspects

If you have any problems with particular aspect of the Russian language we will focus on it. We will improve aspects which prove the most challenging for you, fill in the gaps and, if desired, fix the aspects you are uncertain about.

Before signing up for the course you will pass the entrance test and we will discuss your needs and deadlines. Thereafter we will design the program for you. Additionally, when you are ready, we will help with your registration at the official testing center, if needed.

Exam preparation takes place in one-to-one and mini-group formats. The most effective way is to combine this program with the General Russian. Exam preparation courses for Russian as foreign language are conducted by highly professional and experienced teachers specializing in exam preparation.

Please, contact us and we will answer all your questions!

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