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General Russian for Everyday Comunication

The general Russian language program at IQ Consultancy is best for those who need acquire practical communication skills in the Russian-speaking environment. This General Russian course will definitely prove interesting and useful for quite a vast foreign audience: students, businessmen, travelers, those who have moved to Russia and those who are interested in Russian culture.

Level scale

We use the European Framework of Reference for language learning. General Russian can be studied at different levels (from A1 to C2). The thematic, grammatical and lexical content of the program will depend on your starting level and learning objectives - which result you want to obtain.

Options for taking General Russian program:

  • Conversational Russian for everyday communication

You can start studying with any language proficiency: from beginner to advanced. In this program the main thing for us is to teach foreigners to communicate fluently in Russian. All the other skills: grammar, listening and reading, serve the main goal.

This program has a functional nature; therefore, you can immediately apply the gained knowledge into practice - really communicating with native Russian speakers.

Course topics and the complexity of the vocabulary vary depending on the level.
For example, the A1 level covers the topics - "About myself", "Hobbies", "Orientation in the city". At the C1 level, there are such topics as Climate Change, Problems in Learning Foreign
Languages, Journalism and Television, and many others.
Although each level of this program includes a certain recommended set of topics we can always adjust and change them and learn to discuss things in which you are interested in or which are essential in everyday life.

The recommended amount of hours for the program completion of Conversational Russian for foreigners and transition from one language level to another is from 100 to 150 academic hours.

  • A comprehensive full-bodied course of General Russian for foreigners (all language aspects)

This learning program pays equal attention to all aspects of the language: vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, and all the language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Such a thorough Russian course is necessary only for those who are going to take the certification exam, which comprehensively assesses your language skills. If your goal is to pass the exam to confirm the level of language, enter the university, or associate your work in the field of linguistics, journalism or philology in Russian, this program suits you perfectly.
Otherwise, it is better to choose a course of Conversational Russian for foreigners.

To develop such a full-fledged academic program and ensure transition from one level to another you need to take 150 to 250 academic hours.
For further information about the General Russian programs and to or choose the appropriate learning format (mini-group, one-to-one , or other ), please, contact us.


My studies with IQ Consultancy were extremely rewarding. We discussed a wide-range of topics that helped solidify my Russian language skills. It gave me practical situations through which I could activate my grammar knowledge. Moreover, I enjoyed the challenging and friendly atmosphere my instructor created at our lessons. I would recommend IQ Consultancy to any foreigner looking to study Russian!
Geoffrey, The USA
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