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Russian for Beginners

This is an ideal Russian language course for beginners who have recently come to Russia and will stay here for a while. It is suitable for travelers, expatriate staff and any foreigner who needs to communicate in Russian to meet elementary survival speaking needs.

Foreigners taking Survival Russian course will not only acquire the elementary essential communication skills in Russian, but also get acquainted with local cultural features of the Russian-speaking environment.

Upon completion of the program you will be able to:

  • Communicate on some general topics
  • Understand and use elementary vocabulary a range of elementary phrases to express basic survival needs in Russian
  • Use the beginner level grammar structures

The program is focused on the development of elementary language skills which teaches the very basic level of the Russian language.

Typical situations where you will feel comfortable:

  • about myself
  • hobbies and interests
  • shopping
  • at a restaurant
  • finding the way
  • transport
  • professions
  • everyday activities
  • at the bank
  • etc.

The survival program is modular and you can take a comprehensive survival Russian course covering the most essential range of topics for beginners or can choose everyday situations you need most and the teacher will make an emphasis on them. The number of topics varies and depends on the number of study hours of your course.

Normally the course takes from 40 to 80 hours of training but, as always in IQ Consultancy, we are in for a flexible and tailor-made approach: if you need to deal with just two interesting topics, the number of hours we will recommend for your Russian course can be calculated individually.

Options to study Survival Russian with us:

Standard courses

You can learn Survival Russian on a regular step by step mode (a few times per week), for you to combine it with work or study commitments. It is offered in the following formats:

Intensive courses

You can begin to get acquainted with the Russian language with intensive Russian course. Choose one of the options of intensive courses and learn Russian quickly and effectively. It is offered in the following formats:


My time in your school was very interesting and effective, but same time very tough, because I was just started to learn new language. Private lessons were very good for me and my teacher was very professional and patient. We had a great time. Я была в вашей школе в июле 2012 года. Я не имела ни говорить ни писать на русском языке. Я изучаю русский, может быть через год, я уже говорю лучше. Я помню моя учительница. Чай с молоком, первая фраза которую я узнала! Спасибо! Веселого Рождества и Счастливого Нового Года 2013!
Paulina, Finland

If elementary survival skills are not enough for you and you need more communication skills, we would recommend to study the Russian language in a more systematic and full form, choosing a General Russian for Everyday Communication program of A1 elementary level and further on.

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