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Russian for Business

Russian for business is the focus of the Russian language school of IQ Consultancy. The program is targeted at expatriate staff and foreign top management who cooperate with the Russian business environment and who are aware that Russian proficiency will help their professional communication and lead to success.

Our experience

For 16 years we have taught a huge number of foreign business people (from engineers to top managers) from a wide range of business industries in more than 250 companies. We cooperate with consulates, embassies and large international companies (Siemens, Nissan, Tikkurilla, Fazer, Gefco, Valio, to name just a few.). We have gained sufficient knowledge in various business areas and professional sectors. This allows us to offer our clients optimal programs and take into account their individual needs.

Options to learn Business Russian for foreigners

Full-bodied course

    This comprehensive program of Russian language for business includes vocabulary and grammar for business communication and specific topics oriented on your business industry. The program involves teaching business Russian and gradually improving the level of the general Russian language.
    During the business course of Russian we offer different topics and communicative situations as well as wide vocabulary and grammar range depending on your current level of Russian language (A2‑C2).

    Duration — 80-150 hours.

Modular course

    This course can be devoted to a single topic or one functional area focused on the specific aspect of business communication in Russian (conducting negotiations, preparing presentations, discussing strategies, etc.). Read more about the modular system options on the "Tailor-made Russian for specific purposes» page.

    Duration — 10-60 hours (depending on the number and difficulty of topics you choose).

From which level should a foreigner start with the Business Russian?

Despite the fact that you can study business vocabulary at the primary level, our experience shows that the program is not as effective for beginners. To start Russian for business course you should have the initial communication skills. In this case, you do not have to waste time getting to know the language system, and you can concentrate on the business communication skills and specific business vocabulary. Therefore, we recommend this program to those whose Russian proficiency is at least elementary level A1.

The program of Russian for business communication is individually designed for each client. We take into account the business specifics, the goals and duration of learning and, of course, your current level of Russian language proficiency.


I was really happy about the course with my Russian teacher at IQ Consultancy language school. It was fun talking to my teacher and I felt that I made a great improvement with my Business Russian. I enjoyed the result immediately after the course by talking lot more Russian with other people in my company!
Raul, top manager of multinational company
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