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Russian for Children

IQ Consultancy has been providing Russian as a foreign language courses not only for adults but also for children for many years.

Our teachers are aware of the special techniques and features of such training; they understand that lessons for children should not be boring, and they do everything to make classes fascinating, so that the children would feel comfortable. Our teachers are able to set the very atmosphere during the lessons that makes the learning process both effective and enjoyable.

Any duration
From 2 to 20 hours per week
Any level
In the heart of
St. Petersburg

Our courses are ideal for:

  • Foreigner's children living in St. Petersburg
  • Children-bilinguals visiting Russia
  • Teenagers living abroad who want to learn Russian language (for example, for admission to an institution of higher education)

We offer programs for children of all ages: 4-6 years and older.
The content of the program we might offer for your child is variable and depends on their learning needs.
The lessons can be aimed at teaching children to read and to write in Russian, to speak everyday language and get engaged in discussions in the Russian speaking environment, prepare them for studying at Russian school, or any other Russian language leaning objective.

The Russian lessons can be organized for children at different language levels from beginner to advance level of Russian.

Prior to enrolling to the course and selecting the teacher your child needs to take an entrance test. Based on his or her results the child will be located in the group where he or she would feel comfortable or alternatively we can plan his or her individual Russian course.

We have different course options depending on the intensity, schedule and the format of lessons.

Intensive course

Intensive course includes 15-20 hours of lessons per week. It is best for:

  • Foreign children who need to prepare for Russian school in a short time
  • Children who have recently moved to Russia and need Russian language for everyday communication
  • Bilingual children or foreigners who came to visit Petersburg for the summer holidays
Intensive courses can be held either in a mini group or one-to-one. We also provide supplementary services: home stay accommodation, cultural program, etc.

Standard courses

Standard course is better for children who live permanently in St. Petersburg and go to local kindergartens or schools and who need to practice Russian as a foreign language on a regular basis. Standard classes are held once or twice a week.

We also have summer school, where a child can take an intensive course during the summer holidays.


Несмотря на то что, мне было очень трудно, мне понравилось. Моя преподавательница – Катя – очень весёлая, с ней было просто и приятно.
Olga Trinci, 17 years old, Italy
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