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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Standard Courses

IQ Consultancy Russian language school invites foreigners to sign up for Russian language courses. The school is ideally located in the very heart of St. Petersburg and offers you an effective and enjoyable learning environment to study Russian.

The system of Standard courses (run 1-3 times per week) allows you to master the Russian language gradually, to combine with your other work or study commitments. This way, learning the language from scratch to level A1 will take from 5 to 7 months and ensure a steady progress.

The standard course is the best option to learn Russian for:

  • Expatriate business and diplomatic community and their family members: top managers, foreign specialists, diplomatic representatives living and working in Saint Petersburg;
  • Foreigners living in St. Petersburg or planning to relocate here;
  • Foreign students of higher education institutions or post graduate students, who need Russian language for studies and everyday communication;
  • Foreigners who want to take the international certification exam TORFL or other Russian language examinations.

Russian language school offers various formats of standard Russian lessons. You are sure to find the option that suits your learning needs best.

The lessons are held by experienced teachers specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language. It does not matter whether you start learning Russian from scratch as a complete beginner or you want to learn the language at an advanced level — our teachers will help you.


I have had a pleasure to study Russian language at IQ Consultancy language school and I have to say that their teachers are absolutely fantastic. They don't only teach you Russian, because "it is their duty", but I feel that it is their passion to get someone taught Russian. I really loved every single minute and day when I was studying Russian language with them, either by having a private tutor or in mini groups. I can strongly recommend the school.
Simo, top manager of multinational company
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