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Russia, St. Petersburg

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IQ Consultancy Russian School has gained sound expertise in teaching Russian as a foreign language for individual students, when offering Russian courses for expatriate business and diplomatic community over 16 years of the school operation.

One to one Russian courses prove ideal for those who have special preferences in terms of schedule, intensity and content of the program. We tailor the course program to your particular learning needs and take into account such aspects as your learning style, area of business, cross cultural differences, etc.

Our teachers of Russian as a foreign language can hold lessons in school or at your place. Russian lessons are held at any time convenient for you (both early in the morning and late in the evening). So, you can choose the location and the time for your lessons which suits you most. We also have teachers specializing in teaching Russian to adults, and those who teach foreign children.

Flexible schedule
Any duration
Tailor-made programs
Highly-professional teaching staff

One-to-one Russian courses are convenient and sure to prove much more effective for many reasons:

One-to-one Russian courses are convenient and sure to prove
much more effective for many reasons:

  • You have a tight agenda and you are not able to adjust to the group schedule
  • You need to learn some specific vocabulary ( specific area of your business or general interest), which is not covered during the mini group course of General Russian
  • You want to focus on a specific language aspect, to fill in some gaps in your current level and concentrate on particular area of everyday or business communication
  • It's hard for you to overcome the language barrier or you just not feel comfortable when studying in a group

Depending on your learning needs, current level, preferences in terms of schedule and intensity, we will offer you the most optimal solution how to learn Russian and achieve your goals.
The program and intensity is to be discussed after the placement test and your needs analysis.

If you are willing to find out more about one-to-one courses, programs and options, or you want us to calculate the cost for you (it is quoted individually based on what you would like to get) – just fill in an application and tell us about your requests and goals. We are looking forward to helping you!


I was really happy about the course with my Russian teacher at IQ Consultancy language school. It was fun talking to my teacher and I felt that I made a great improvement with my Business Russian. I enjoyed the result immediately after the course by talking lot more Russian with other people in my company!
Raul, top manager of international company in St. Petersburg
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