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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Russian Courses Online

IQ Consultancy Russian school offers Russian as a Foreign language lessons by skype for those who would like to study Russia, when not in St. Petersburg.

Whether you want to learn Russian from scratch or improve your proficiency, you need a specialist who will hold classes using remote training techniques. Our teachers strive to ensure that distance learning by skype is as effective as face-to-face language lessons.

Flexible schedule
Qualified Russian teachers
Skype lessons

Distance Russian lessons normally take place once or twice a week and last 2 academic hours. However, we can teach you at the pace and intensity of your choice. Prior to the course start you will take a test for evaluation of your language proficiency and language learning needs. Moreover, we have a free demo lesson so that you can decide if you want to start regular lessons with our teacher.

Russian Courses Online are ideal for:

  • Foreigners living and working abroad (outside Russia) who need Russian language for business, communication, or other personal goals
  • Emigrants who are planning to relocate to Russia and need Russian language for quick adaptation in a new speaking environment
  • Foreign specialists living in Russia who do not have the opportunity to attend full-time lessons at school due to business meetings and business trips

Comfort and individual approach are the main advantages of online learning. We will create a special program that will meet your needs. It will be focused on the topic or aspect of the language that you need.
The schedule of distance lessons is flexible: you can change it during the course.

Distance learning is often chosen by those who have already studied Russian as a foreign language and now want to maintain their language proficiency or fill in the gaps. Nevertheless, you can learn distantly from scratch.

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