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Russia, St. Petersburg

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In order to make your Russian language learning in Russia pleasant and comfortable, IQ Consultancy offers you assistance in booking hotels and arranges accommodation in a host family.

Thus, you can choose one of two options for cooperation with our language school: just the Russian language intensive course or intensive Russian course, which includes assistance in organizing the trip.

If you choose Russian course plus accommodation you can stay with the host family or check in a hostel or hotel.

Host family accommodation includes:

  • Separate single room
  • Extra language practice with the host
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Transfer from the railway station / airport

Our host families live in the city center, so you will have no problems with transport, getting to the Russian school or the sights of the city. Host family accommodation helps you to get acquainted with Russian traditions, get more practice in communication in Russian and just feel yourself at home.

Hotel accommodation

We can book a hotel room for you. We will take into account all your requests (financial, territorial and others) and choose the hotel or hostel that suits you best.

For example, one of our partners is the four-star boutique hotel Radisson Sonya Hotel - located 15 minutes from the Summer Garden and 10 minutes from IQ Consultancy on foot. It provides a comfortable room, breakfast, access to the gym and Turkish steam rooms.

Choose after your heart and we will help you organize a trip with maximum comfort and benefit. Otherwise, you can tackle organizational issues on your own and then we are only here for teaching you the Russian language.

For further information, contact us!


Dear IQ Consultancy team, What can I say, except thank you. A big thank you !! I am now confident and ready to welcome my first Russian clients. I am now not scared to go and speak to people (Like at Olymp fitness center, shop, restaurant). Organization was perfect (all the organization), my two teachers ( Katia and Ania) really understood what were important for me and surely slide lessons to my target.
Read more They are at the top!! So professional. I really appreciate Katia and Ania way of teaching. I would be proud to have them in my team!! Tomorrow (Friday) will be my two last lessons in your school and to be honest I am already feeling sad....because school, Katia, Ania were part of my Russian family. Но, это так! I think two weeks are enough for a student (сорок года) like me. I really worked hard (everyday....) and all the day: Morning with Tatiana (host family), all the day at school, during lunch (I used to spoke with people at restaurant), in the evening again with Tatiana, at Olymp, at the cinema (where I fight to understand how to pick up my 3D glasses) I will also bring my family for a short trip in order to show to them where I lived for two weeks, how your town is lovely and rich in history. What else? (Thanks to George Clooney) Мне нравится IQ Consultancy School!!!
Jean Payen, France
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