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Russia, St. Petersburg

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Cultural program

In addition to intensive courses we offer our students a vigorous cultural program. It might include from 1 to 4 excursions - depending on your study duration and intensity.

Excursions options:

  • Walking city tour (3 hours with a licensed guide)

Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful European city with a delightful and diverse architecture, embankments, bridges and palaces. Do not miss the chance to see it yourself!

  • Hermitage tour (3 hours with a licensed guide)

It is inconceivable to visit St. Petersburg and miss one of the most significant world museums with main headquarters in the Winter Palace.

  • Russian Museum tour

If you want to get a closer look at Russian culture you simply need to visit the largest museum of Russian art in the world. You will see the canvases of great Russian artists and visit the Mikhailovsky Palace, which represents the rich heritage of St. Petersburg architecture.

  • Informal St. Petersburg

This exclusive tour involves acquaintance with the non-standard places of the city: the old entrances to apartment buildings, the best examples of graffiti and the visit to the exhibitions of modern art. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and see the city from an unusual angle.

  • Boat trip

Do not miss the chance to see the Northern Venice from the water!

All tours are carried out by a professional licensed tour guides. Tours can be conducted in English, in the language of your country or, if you have advanced Russian proficiency, in Russian.

We can also organize theme tours for you (Literary Saint Petersburg, Theater Saint Petersburg, etc.), suburban excursions, and visiting unusual and rare museums.

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